Chiropractic Treamtent

This is where a visit to Sweetwater Chiropractic will probably vary from your typical doctor visit.  Rather than writing you a prescription and telling you to come back in a few weeks if you do not feel better; your treatment program will be more similar to what you may have experienced with a physical therapist. 

There are numerous options available to treat muscle and joint related conditions.   Chiropractors utilize what are considered “conservative”, “non-invasive” procedures.  These procedures range from passive modalities to more active forms of treatment such as:


Electrical muscle stimulation

Various massage/soft tissue techniques

Spinal Manipulation

Stretching and Flexibility Exercises

Strengthening Exercises 

When necessary, your treatment / condition will be co-managed with other physicians. 


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    Dr. Braswell is a great chiropractor. He takes time to listen to you and asks all the right questions! I always leave feeling like I received the best care possible! I have been a patient of Sweetwater Chiropractic for 15 years and will continue to go there for as long as I live in Texas!

    Kimberly Reece Neff

    John Braswell is great. Listens and takes time. I was dealing with pain in my neck and shoulders.. to the point of tears. He has helped tremendously and now after 2 weeks of treatment I am back! No pain!

    Carol Gremillion